Ever find yourself wondering about the physicality of centaurs, how these fantasy creatures would actually work? ..No? Well for those of you who have, hopefully I can help you!
(please remember, these are just my ideas folks. Don't get angry because it's not what you heard or thought.)
I've been pondering centaurs, and my centaurs in particular, for a loooong time now, and I've had to work out a kinks sometimes. So these are the conclusions i've drawn.

1. Age: Centaurs age more like humans in the speed that they develop and in their life spans. A newborn centaur will have the horse body of a 1-3 week old foal until it's about 2 years old. (Centaurs, like horses, can walk within a day or so of being born. (Well, horses can within a few hours, but whatever..)) As it would be impossible for a mother to have to carry a baby horse body for any length of time. From about ages 2-4, a centaur will have the horse body equivalent of a 8 or 9 month old foal. When they're about 10-14, they'll be the equivalent of a yearling horse. About 17-20 would be like a 2 year old horse. Until "middle age" for people (about 45-50 y.o.), they'll be like a 3-13 y.o. horse, and so on. I think you get the point. ; )

2. Diet Centaurs, like horses, must eat a great amount of food everyday. Vegetation gives them energy, but they are able to eat and digest everything humans can because of their dual digestive systems. They have no problems eating meat, it just has to be digested in the human torso. Anything tougher and more fiber-y than humans can handle is passed through and goes straight to the horse digestive system. Eating meat gives them more energy than vegetation, so by eating some each day they can reduce the amount they have to consume each day.

3. Language Centaurs can speak to and understand horses by instinct. By that I mean that the ability is there for them to be ableto understand and speak, but they still must learn it. For example, if a centaur was never in contact with a horse his entire life, he wouldn't understand the language, but he'd be able to learn it quickly because the ability is there. Horses also, unlike humans, have only one language for the entire species.

4. coming soon...