Kobe: age-18-19 height- 15.2hh color-black and white paint Kobe is honest and dedicated. He's a genius at what he does and will never be stopped when it comes to someone who needs his help. He was born the son of the chief of his clan, but was too young to remember.

Myka: age- 18-19 height- 15.2hh color- palomino Myka is extremely loyal to his friends and family. He's not very well-rounded, and naive on some issues, but he knows what is important, and will fight to the end for it. He is the son of the head family of Sheridan, younger brother to Raiyan.

Huntal: age- 67 height- 5'3" Huntal is the best herbalist and healer anyone knows. She taught Kobe everything she knows, so he is also as good towards the end. She is caring and intelligent.

Raiyan: age- 23-24 height- 15.3 color- dark palomino Raiyan is quiet and observant, much like his father. He goes with the flow and for the most part, has always just done what was expected of him. He was next in line for the role of head stallion of Sheridan after his father, but turned the position down. Older brother of Myka.

Stefen: age- 23-24 height- 16hh color- black Stefen lived at the Academy for more than half his life, studying and then teaching there. He is very intelligent and hides behind sarcasm. He loves history and traveling the world.

Fen: age- 18 height- 15.1 color- black Fen is open and friendly and mischievous. He is loyal to his friends and knows more than he lets on. He's Myka's best friend and often notices things he doesn't. He's a lady's man, and hid love for Lyra is no secret.

Elicia: age- 17-18 height- 15.1hh color- light gray dapple Childhood friend of Myka and the gang, she is quiet and friendly. She is the daughter of a prestigious family in Sheridan, and has been betrothed to Myka since they were young. She is best friends with Lyra.

Lyra: age- 17-18 height- 15.2hh color- brown bay appaloosa Lyra is tough and sarcastic. She is loyal and tells it how it is.